XML Localisation for C++

XML Localisation for C++ (xmlloc-cpp), is designed to be a relatively simple way of handling locale-specific resource strings in C++ programming. If this is your first time here, you should visit the Introduction Page for an overview of what this package will and will not do.

Latest News

  • 07-Mar-2002 - Version 0.1.0 (beta) is now available from the download page.
  • 06-Mar-2002 - I've added a very rough makefile that works for me on various Linux systems and on Cygwin. A beta release will be made tomorrow around 12:00 GMT.
  • 04-Mar-2002 - Basic functionality has been coded and seems to be working. The first beta release will be made before the end of the week.


Latest stable version: None
Latest beta version: 0.1.0
Latest development code: Available via CVS

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